Guests of the International Symposium on Building One Belt and One Road with High Quality Visited HRG-AOTINGBOTS was displayed in the Group's exhibition area

The International Symposium on Building the Belt and Road with High Quality was officially kicked off on July 14th in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province. Members of the Advisory Committee of the "Belt and Road" International Cooperation Summit Forum, ambassadors of many countries in China and representatives of United Nations agencies in China and other guests visited HRG.

HRG was one of the representative enterprises that received the guests of the International Symposium on Building a High-quality Belt and Road, and presented the fruitful achievements in core technology research, transformation of scientific and technological achievements, cultivation of leading enterprises in niche fields, training of applied talents, and convergence of high-end talents in a multi-dimensional and three-dimensional manner. As a pioneer of commercial waterless cleaning robots, AOTINGBOTS appeared in the exhibition area of HRG Group.

AOTINGBOTS brought its new product SW55 commercial waterless cleaning robot to the Group's exhibition site and demonstrated its functions. SW55 attracted many Chinese and foreign visitors with its compact and flexible form and ultimate cleaning effect.

Developed independently by AOTINGBITS SW55 mopping sweeping vacuuming all-in-one cleaning robot is mainly used in small and medium-sized scenarios in hotels, office buildings residential and other public places, applicable to a wide range of ground types.

The ergonomically designed hand-switching body can flexibly adjust the height and angle of the operating panel through the collapsible joystick to adapt to a wider range of people. While completing the basic cleaning effect, it realizes the ultimate edge fit through high-precision sensors and edge-fitting algorithms with adjustable edge brushes. Through AI Deep Learning and other algorithms, it can also realize the analysis of pedestrians, vehicles and other obstacles, and carry out garbage classification to realize active cleaning. In addition, it can also be retrofitted with a ladder control module, which allows the robot to operate autonomously across floors through cloud-based scheduling of robots, elevators, and gates.

AOTINGBOTS focuses on the research and development and application of independent mobile technology in the field of intelligent cleaning technology, and has completed the layout of two major product series and six major product lines. In the future, AOTINGBOTS will continue to uphold the brand concept of "serving the society with science and technology, and building cleanliness with intelligence" to make continuous efforts in the field of cleaning industry, launch more intelligent products, empower the cleaning industry to upgrade the intelligence of the industry, and contribute to the development of the smart city construction with intelligent cleaning.