"Intelligent Construction, Green Development" AOTINGBOTS Waterless Cleaning Robot Debuts at Xiamen Industrial Expo

July 29-31, 2023 Xiamen Industrial Expo and the 27th cross-strait machinery and electronic commodities fair held in Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center. Xiamen Industrial Expo is the largest and most influential industrial event co-sponsored by cross-strait authorities, this year's "Focus on new industry, empowering development" as the theme, nearly 3,000 brands of top equipment exhibitors, attracting attention from the industry.

AOTINGBOTS exhibited the "SW80" series of commercial waterless cleaning robots, which were developed for medium and large-scale customer scenarios.

SW80 commercial waterless cleaning robot is widely used in shopping malls, factories (power plants, tobacco), conference centers, transportation hubs, hospitals, public venues and other indoor medium and large scenes, can be compatible with hard, wooden, carpeted and other types of floors, integrated mopping, sweeping, vacuuming functions in one. SW80 series of products using high-precision positioning system and intelligent environment perception algorithms, can achieve the distance between the wall < 10cm "close mode". The SW80 series adopts high-precision positioning system and intelligent environment sensing algorithm, which can realize a distance of <10cm from the wall in "edge mode". The edge mode can be operated independently or integrated into the global cleaning task with a single click, realizing no dead angle and full coverage on the cleaning, and the HEPA-level quadruple filtration system ensures that the filtered and discharged air will not have any impact on the surrounding environment. In addition, you can also set up timed tasks in a cycle, reasonably avoid the peak of pedestrian traffic, autonomous task switching, and support for task priority settings.

As the pioneer of the new model of waterless cleaning robots, AOTINGBOTS is committed to providing "cleaning +" intelligent solutions for customers in commercial and industrial fields, and insists on scientific and technological innovation and independent research and development. AOTINGBOTS will continue to uphold the brand concept of "serving the society with science and technology, building cleaning with intelligence", and bring more efficient intelligent cleaning experience to users at home and abroad.