Let's go to Haichuang Technology together and experience the charm of innovative achievements

Aoting participated in the 21st Taiwan Strait Innovation Project Achievement Fair with innovative project achievements

n June 18th, the 21st Cross Strait Innovation Project Achievement Fair was held in Fuzhou, Fujian. The theme of the conference is "Project, Technology, Capital, Talent - Practicing the Action of 'Striving for Excellence through Deep Learning, Daring to Be First, and Striving for Efficiency through Practical Work', and Technological Innovation Helping High Quality Development", with a focus on showcasing breakthrough achievements and original major achievements in core technology research. As one of the 20 exhibitors in Anhui's artificial intelligence industry, Hagong Austin was invited to participate.


The innovative technological achievement of Aoting at this exhibition is the development and launch of the "SW55" series products targeting small and medium-sized customer scenarios.

"SW55" commercial waterless cleaning robot integrates six categories of sensors, including 2D laser radar, 3D depth camera sensor, acoustic sensor, linear laser sensor, Inertial measurement unit, and odometer. Through 3D fusion of sensor data at the software level, and the use of AI decision-making algorithm to generate the optimal real-time path scheme, it can achieve high-precision positioning and independent environmental awareness, and effectively avoid pedestrians, tables, chairs Dynamic and static obstacles such as glass. The product has six core functions, including independent charging and unlimited battery life, full coverage cleaning, floor wiping, sweeping, and vacuum cleaning, autonomous navigation environment perception, intelligent voice reminder, and APP intelligent human-machine interaction, which solve the problems faced by most cleaning robots in the market, such as small water tank capacity, poor battery life, and serious water leakage; The cleaning efficiency can reach up to 1600 ㎡/h and supports optional elevator control functions. It can be widely used in public places such as shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, factories, and conference centers in small and medium-sized scenarios, truly achieving unmanned cleaning.


 During the conference, the commercial waterless cleaning robot SW55 of Aoting, once made its debut, received a lot of likes and praise, and also received attention and recognition from visiting delegations at all levels of government


Through this exhibition, Hagong Austin will further enhance its brand and image, fully leverage its advantages, explore the "blue ocean" of its business, focus on the intelligent cleaning industry, and contribute key forces to the development of the digital economy and artificial intelligence itself.